Company Introduction
       Large Sun Gardening Co.,Ltd. was set up in Taiwan in 1990 by Mr. Wang LaiFu in succession of horticultural products im - export especially in Pachira export . With great effort in quality control and new type invention, we export over 200 containers every year to China , Japan , Korea ,USA and Europe. Our main export products including Pachira , Cycas , Ficus and Phalaenopsis flask & young plant. Because of the big market in China,we set up branch company in Shanhai & Foshan(Guangdong) in 1997 & 1998 for sales . After that we build up a produce base in Zhanjiang(Guangdong) over 200 hectares in 2000 for planting horticultural plants for china domestic & export market. According to the demand of China market , we also import many horticultural plants from other country . Our orchid department was set up in 2004 in China. In the beginning we only grow and sale different size of phalaenopsis young plants. Because of increasing demand, we set up phalaenopsis tissue culture laboratory for producing flasks by ourself. We import new varieties from Taiwan and detect virus by ELISA before propagation. And we use shoot-by-shoot to obtain health and steady young plants. We always keep our faith in quality . For the coming years, we will have our own varieties via breeding. We hope can increase more various flowers to the market. And push this beautiful flower to every place in the world.


Taiwan(Head office)
Shanhai(China) Zhanjiang(China)